Friday, April 17, 2020

Well I Been Down So Very Damn Long, That it Looks Like Up to Me

When your mate starts to come out of their peak, in this Coronavirus, I imagine it to be like the week after your child begins to speak regularly.  It's a beautiful time, you're super grateful and wanted this but after 2 hours I was eyeing that frying pan.  Don't get me wrong, it is so great to see P becoming well and talking but women with husbands will feel me on this, sometimes you guys can get fairly negative, fill the room with general stank, and also make the mistake of diving right back into business as usual, not let your body heal.  This might be a male thing.  Us gals take a couple of days to rejoice and ease into it.  The first morning, this girl would never be on a government site applying for anything where you need numbers and information or feel the need to discuss whether we should be able to call this thing a Chinese virus.  This is not that time.  I'm just pointing out the obvious, or so one would think.
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I'm no mother hen either but just yesterday, upon waking, I walked in the bedroom to see someone looking like they were out of the Shining.  He seemed to be having something akin to a psychotic trip, is how we would describe it.   P's eyes weren't focused and his head was rolling around, he was trying to make his jaw unlock but there was clearly something unusual happening.  He tried to talk and it came out all slow and he wasn't making sense all the way.  He couldn't breathe that well and was holding his chest so I said I was going to call the doctor.  He kept assuring me he was okay.  You start to forget what is acceptable with this thing because everything goes so haywire.  I checked his temperature because I figured he might be running a high fever, but like me his blood runs cold, only 95.6.  Which could be a whole other symptom but it wasn't a fever.  For about 20 or 30 minutes he was disconnected from his body, his words, but I knew that feeling.  I had a similar experience and like me, he was more lucid after 10 minutes.  I struggled with what to do but was able to make him eat some peanut butter crackers then made the executive decision to give him a shot of whiskey to shock his system.  And one small sip helped bring him back.  In my experience my body revolted as well, so we weren't as freaked out to see this but extremely relieved when it passed.

So today, the fact that he's sitting cursing at a computer screen was almost comical if it wasn't so frustrating. We're all having so much trouble, but this sickness just compounds it all.

I was able to make my first trek to the corner market and fetch fresh things, take a quick stroll around the block.  It felt great and then it didn't about 1/2 hour later, so it's best to take baby steps.  I called our doctor to ask if it's normal to feel all these bizarre symptoms and for so long and he said he's fielded dozens of similar calls.  And went on to say this pinche virus is a lingerer and don't be surprised to feel chest tightening and winded another couple of weeks but of course, to call them if it gets worse than before. That's the mainstay advice, its bad, it's weird, but if it gets worse than And several friends are holding on to that because it is unnerving.   Anyway, so I'm worn down a bit from that scare and not gonna cook today so I'll share instead.
My sister was out of corn tortillas and bread out in her Colorado town.  She made this amazing Navajo taco with homemade fry bread and said it came out delicious!  Looks great.  Can't wait to try it.  There are tons of Youtube tutorial videos and the ingredients are the same but the amounts vary. Everyone comes out with the same looking bread but I wonder how different they taste.  I tend to trust the older women in aprons for these recipes but cooking videos zap my energy.  I watch them all, then do a combination of what feels right because people are whack! 

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