Sunday, April 19, 2020

Let It Happen and Remember to Breathe

COVID recovery food
Progress in the minutia.  I walked around the block and to my nearby market.  I took time to consider a fun idea for dinner, a luxury I couldn't even imagine just a few short days ago.  I did get winded but was able to recall what it was like to feel well for a lot more minutes then the day before.
P spent the day in bed, very uncomfortable with leg pain and various body aches, labored breathing, headache and the feeling his hands were not attached to his body.  I found Tylenol at the local market, something everyone had been out of for some time.  Because of the breathing, it's been hard to relax and allow him to rest without me coming in and out all day monitoring him like some zombie grandpa.  This COVID is just strange in the way it keeps you on your toes. Not COVID toes thank God, we checked.   It takes forever to get well and the lingering nature is a depressant in itself.  But people that are not sick here are also feeling a sluggish druggy vibe now too, most likely due to the eerie quietness, change in routine and lack of interaction and stimulus.  If you have to pull out the bright side, it's that this thing is a major distraction if nothing else.  All the closet cleaning pressure is gone when you just want to breathe right again.
Makeshift Patty Melts
My plan was to make tostadas, big and bountiful but the corner store was out of all tortillas, corn or otherwise.  They had bread so I was forced to switch gears.  These bodegas are tiny, so you should get in and out, try not to linger for everyone's sake.  I waited until I knew only two people were inside, then made the mad dash in with double face masks, touching nothing I didn't buy.  I grabbed some cheese, eggs, bread and Kale, sweet onions, kept all coverings intact and gloves on.  I thought to make Patty Melts, although this isn't Rye bread nor Swiss Cheese.  But I did take the half hour to caramelize the onions.  It was goodish but these classic sandwiches are great because of their key ingredients. Lesson learned.  You need the sweetness of the pungent Swiss and the sour of the aromatic rye.
I live for the spring trees and walks in nature to welcome all my little buddies into the world.  So it's a little sad not being about to get out there and see it unfold but the short neighborhood walk allowed me to see beauties like this one all happy in the sun.
Cherry Blossoms already to to change to green leaves.  Thank God I didn't miss this one. 

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