Monday, April 8, 2024

Looking for an Answer, Trying to Find a Sign

The day of the famous eclipse - pictures shared with me from other states

This is about what I saw (above) when a kind stranger allowed us to look through her glasses on the street here in Brooklyn.  
Another shared photo from another state

You can see an eerie glow on these burgers from Black Forest. The light in Brooklyn wasn't life changing but it DID get us to focus (for about 45 long moments), while waiting for the magic to begin.  We sat outside at a booth facing the sun to reel in this spiritual awakening or whatever was supposed to happen.  Of course, when you talk about something for weeks, about how amazing it will be to 'see', it was impossible not to look up at least once.   We're sort of idiots when you break it down and did not come prepared with glasses.  
Like ordering these amazing grass fed burgers on Brioche buns from the German place that hand makes their own sausages. spaetzle and kraut.  Such a Hoosier move.  I make no excuses for my lameness, other than a burger sounded perfect.  
Yes, we'd love the booth next to the compost bins please

Sunday, April 7, 2024

Keep on the Sunny Side of Life

A bed stay day.  Depression, whatever that little demon entity really is, was looming today.  Buzzing around the room, wanting to land on me like a hornet but I successfully avoided that sting.  This comforting leftover soup with melted cheese and avocado acted like a protective remedy to fight the dark side of life. 

Saturday, April 6, 2024

In a Big Country, Dreams Stay With You

Great Northern Beans and Ham (sans hock)
Leftover holiday ham but no bone or hock.  Could a bean soup be made without that lusciousness that the slowly melting hock brings?  I took my cue from Carla Lalli Music, a TV and internet chef that I gravitate towards in cooking philosophy.  She could be fussy, as she has all the credentials of a culinary icon, yet she chooses to show you cooking her way, that is sensible and relatable.  And, I just read that she lives in my neighborhood!!!  I will undoubtedly gasp if I ever run into her.  I'm late to discovering all of these exceptional chefs that choose to share their skills online but have recently found them on my late night searches, browsing recipes like used record store bins.  I hope to one day be a great cook. 
Carla is a big advocate of using amped up sofrito to start soups. ( a great example video here) Low cooking this concoction for the right amount of time concentrates the flavors to new heights. This was the perfect time to practice this correctly because I would need a power boost for this soup, sans bone.  

These beans were chocked full of deep flavors. Thank you Carla!  I added chopped carrots and for finishing greens I added the carrot tops and cilantro. 

A biggie girl breakfast including my homemade flour tortilla!
I wanted bacon so I cooked the ham on the griddle until it became almost like crispy bacon.  I had one potato that I diced extra small and got super crispy.  I like to imagine I'm a cowgirl on the range making breakfast over a fire and these tin plates assist in that fantasy. 

Friday, April 5, 2024

I Feel the Earth Move Under My Feet

Brownstone Beauty
Fort Greene Park Steps
Turkey Carcass Soup
I took the roasted turkey breast carcass and made a rich broth. This time, I made a sofrito and allowed it to develop flavor before adding the vegetables and stock. 

I think turkey soup in particular, can be so celebratory, almost as if it's part of a holiday meal which the bird was but now with a lovely transformation.   
That afternoon I was on my bed lamenting and suddenly it began to shake.  Just before, there was a sort of rumbling sound that rose up from the ground.  We live above the subway, so at first I thought it was just that but it became stronger and the little bottles of assorted beauty products on my vanity began wiggling.  I got up and screamed, 'What is happening??!'.  My mate was running towards me and we both said, It's an Earthquake! and met in the doorway.  After that it was over in seconds and I had to run out to go to therapy but it was interesting seeing the city react in real time.  It's hard to call it a celebration, but since it was not a tragedy and it was a shared city-wide event, there was something cool about it. 

Wednesday, April 3, 2024

Now Get to Work Bitch

Quick-Style Stromboli with store bought pizza crust
There are so many times when I yearn for pizza parlor food.  Calzone, Sausage Rolls, Stromboli or even the bad spaghetti in those foil take out containers.  Either you know it's a bad idea health wise or its a money thing, or a time thing but eventually you talk yourself out of it and that's a good thing.  Other times, you can suppress the urge only so far and then you simply must satisfy that craving.
One must understand and respect, just how tied in our stomach is with our minds.  My stomach is like the calm, reassuring friend to the more delicate, mental state, the brain.  He's the doctor, assessing the situation, along with weather conditions, body pain, energy levels and atmosphere.   

Somehow the transmissions come in like diagnostics from Mr Stomach.  We strongly suggest a heaping helping of a homemade stromboli.  We've assessed that you have the appropriate ingredients on hand to achieve this.  Furthermore, it will be comforting to ease stress, exciting to improve energy and will be a project to achieve and therefore give a sense of accomplishment. Now get your arse in that kitchen. 

I do what I'm told

Ham, pepperoni, olives, onions, Mozzarella, Parmesan were used and store bought pizza crust and spaghetti Marinara sauce. 

Strange Fruit - Romance comes in small gestures.  My mate buys me interesting fruits from the market to try.  It's been a cool little gift.  A delicious Cara Cara navel orange above.  She has pinkish, reddish pulp but she's not a grapefruit, nor a blood orange.  

Sunday, March 31, 2024

Then I Shall Bow, In Humble Adoration

Easter Sunday
Chipotle Honey Glazed Ham 

Roasted Turkey Breast, Mexican slaw, Potato Salad, Skillet Cornbread, Greenbean bake

Roast Turkey Breast
I was so scared this would be dry but somehow it was the moistest ever!

P's Holiday Bloody Mary

Alex Guarnaschelli Skillet Cornbread

Mexican Slaw
There are recipes out there but I like to think I invented this one.

purple cabbage - sliced
red onion - sliced
Green apple - julienned
jalapeno - chopped
Cilantro - stems and all
lime juice, zest

Any excuse to use my giant mixing bowl from IKEA.  I like to get it all in there with salt, pepper and a couple splashes of Apple Cider vinegar before adding the dressing.  For the dressing:  I mixed an overly ripe avocado (smashed), lime juice, garlic (minced), Apple Cider vinegar, honey and extra-virgin olive oil, more salt and pepper.  Whisked up and emulsified until creamy and delicious!  Pour over.  

Easter Sammies!
Later that night, grilled ham and cheese sandwiches and more potato salad

Breakfast Chili Crisp Avocado Toast
If you weren't impressed, consider that I did this mainly with one arm and everything that needed lifted, I had to ask for help.  When you're cooking, timing is everything, so that was not as easy as it sounds.  But Easter means something to me and if nothing else, I feel a celebratory meal is in order.