Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Closer I Get to You

Move over chicken because there is a new bird in town! And he's bigger, tastier and almost as affordable.
I roasted turkey thighs with a chipotle dry rub, slow baked them skin and bone on then sliced them for some highly impressive tostadas
I believe tostadas should change with the seasons a bit. Instead of the huge pile of cold lettuce and tomato as with the summer tostada, the fall version is nice with a bit more meat focus. Instead of a cool guacamole base I do a smathering of warmed fat-free refried beans on the freshly toasted shell. (yes, you must toast your own shells in oil. The difference in flavor is significant). Add the meat in pieces big enough to appreciate. Leave that delicious skin on because you're only eating a small amount and its too good to leave off. Next layer is fresh diced onions, big sprigs of cilantro, chunks of avocado (salted and limed), tomato and topped with a little sharp cheddar cheese. Lettuce and tomato on the side to put atop as you go along.
Truth be told, the white crumbling goat cheese would have been better than the cheddar on this but that's just splitting hairs at this point. These were awe-inspiring and I'm gonna say way better than chicken tostadas. The more I use turkey the more its flavors capture me.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

So Happy Together

Some of that leftover stuffing with baked chicken legs and some leafy greens added...dinner accomplished!

Ran into the Restoration Rocks Street Festival in BedStuy while taking a bike ride in the neighborhood and caught a live show. Nice surprise! Later Mos Def, Talib Kweli, Pharoahe Monch and more were due to take the stage. Was probably great but we made the mistake of eating a quick Checker's burger in the sun and it was starting to gurgle, so we made like Freddie Mercury and got on our bikes and rode!

Beforehand, a Greek scramble with feta, tomato and some of those greens.

Now I'm a Believer

I have made mini pizzas, so why not a mini Thanksgiving dinner? It seemed far enough out from the real T-day so's not to spoil my hankerin' for turkey when the big day comes.

When I used to think of turkey I'd think of boring, dry white meat with some flavor but nothing to get juicy over. But that is SO not the case. And then Thanksgiving comes around and I remember just how special turkey meat can be. But you don't have to wait until you make the entire bird to enjoy this deeper flavored meat. Turkey thighs, legs and wings are very affordable now and can substitute for chicken in so many dishes. Dark turkey meat can rock those herbs and flavorings better than any chicken thigh, I'll tell you what.

Now I'd never do a boxed stuffing on the official day but on a week night, revved up with your own goodies, it's good to go yo. Let's just say this little helper is welcome anytime.
Baked turkey thighs, semi-homemade pork sausage stuffing and mustard greens.

Gobble gobble THIS!

I Keep My Visions to Myself

Brussel Sprouts, couscous and juicy dry rub pork loin for days. I feel like I'm dreamin' - somebody pinch me!

Thursday, October 6, 2011


My amazing sister sent me these offerings from her garden in Colorado. Dried cherry tomatoes, zucchini and peppers, both jalapeno and serrano. What do I do with them???? These are special. My sister actually grew these and then dried them in her dehydrator, took the time to ship them out to me. They are special and need to be featured in a delightful dish. I hope I can come up with something.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

In Other Words

My friend KK can make any happening sound like an event. He uses words like fantabulous and describes every little detail as if it was the most wonderful thing ever on the planet. He must be a glass half full kinda guy.

I can chronicle the same story and you'd think we were on different planets. I've always admired him for that ability. I was thinking of him this weekend when we went for a bike ride, first around Brooklyn Bridge park and then to the Red Hook soccer fields to eat and watch a bit of a game.

It was pretty chilly that day and P didn't dress for it so it started out uncomfortable. We rode to the park and it was there, the city looked cool but we've seen it to say the least. We stopped and admired the merry go round. Yep, its kinda purty but so what. We got to ride up close to that huge cruise ship and I saw a guy painting what I always thought to myself was the perfect paintable scene, the old Sugar Factory.

In Red Hook, we ordered a papoosa and a tamale to share, both really good. They give you that pickled onions and that cole slaw with the spicy tomato sauce on it, which is also a treat. The watermelon juice was so refreshing. It started to rain a little bit. We watched a good game for a short time before it started to get colder and we hit the road.

KK probably would say the day was breathtaking and the city was at its most beautiful. He'd say how much fun it was.

I started the day by making these breakfast burritos with creamy scrambled eggs,tomato and feta. I threw in some cheddar what the heck. They were warm pillows, angel kisses with cheese. Those I liked! I'm learning not to rush scrambled eggs at all. For me though, the day was good but sort of like those nights when you'd go to the bar and you just couldn't drink enough beer to get a proper buzz going. The kind of buzz where you really start enjoying everyone that much more, laughing and feeling carefree. Sometimes it just didn't hit.

I think I'm also a glass half full kind of gal but worried and curious about the half that is gone too and then not that happy with what's left in the glass but also ashamed to think its not enough. In the same breath super grateful to have anything at all.