Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Closer I Get to You

Move over chicken because there is a new bird in town! And he's bigger, tastier and almost as affordable.
I roasted turkey thighs with a chipotle dry rub, slow baked them skin and bone on then sliced them for some highly impressive tostadas
I believe tostadas should change with the seasons a bit. Instead of the huge pile of cold lettuce and tomato as with the summer tostada, the fall version is nice with a bit more meat focus. Instead of a cool guacamole base I do a smathering of warmed fat-free refried beans on the freshly toasted shell. (yes, you must toast your own shells in oil. The difference in flavor is significant). Add the meat in pieces big enough to appreciate. Leave that delicious skin on because you're only eating a small amount and its too good to leave off. Next layer is fresh diced onions, big sprigs of cilantro, chunks of avocado (salted and limed), tomato and topped with a little sharp cheddar cheese. Lettuce and tomato on the side to put atop as you go along.
Truth be told, the white crumbling goat cheese would have been better than the cheddar on this but that's just splitting hairs at this point. These were awe-inspiring and I'm gonna say way better than chicken tostadas. The more I use turkey the more its flavors capture me.

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