Sunday, October 2, 2011

In Other Words

My friend KK can make any happening sound like an event. He uses words like fantabulous and describes every little detail as if it was the most wonderful thing ever on the planet. He must be a glass half full kinda guy.

I can chronicle the same story and you'd think we were on different planets. I've always admired him for that ability. I was thinking of him this weekend when we went for a bike ride, first around Brooklyn Bridge park and then to the Red Hook soccer fields to eat and watch a bit of a game.

It was pretty chilly that day and P didn't dress for it so it started out uncomfortable. We rode to the park and it was there, the city looked cool but we've seen it to say the least. We stopped and admired the merry go round. Yep, its kinda purty but so what. We got to ride up close to that huge cruise ship and I saw a guy painting what I always thought to myself was the perfect paintable scene, the old Sugar Factory.

In Red Hook, we ordered a papoosa and a tamale to share, both really good. They give you that pickled onions and that cole slaw with the spicy tomato sauce on it, which is also a treat. The watermelon juice was so refreshing. It started to rain a little bit. We watched a good game for a short time before it started to get colder and we hit the road.

KK probably would say the day was breathtaking and the city was at its most beautiful. He'd say how much fun it was.

I started the day by making these breakfast burritos with creamy scrambled eggs,tomato and feta. I threw in some cheddar what the heck. They were warm pillows, angel kisses with cheese. Those I liked! I'm learning not to rush scrambled eggs at all. For me though, the day was good but sort of like those nights when you'd go to the bar and you just couldn't drink enough beer to get a proper buzz going. The kind of buzz where you really start enjoying everyone that much more, laughing and feeling carefree. Sometimes it just didn't hit.

I think I'm also a glass half full kind of gal but worried and curious about the half that is gone too and then not that happy with what's left in the glass but also ashamed to think its not enough. In the same breath super grateful to have anything at all.

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