Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Now I'm a Believer

I have made mini pizzas, so why not a mini Thanksgiving dinner? It seemed far enough out from the real T-day so's not to spoil my hankerin' for turkey when the big day comes.

When I used to think of turkey I'd think of boring, dry white meat with some flavor but nothing to get juicy over. But that is SO not the case. And then Thanksgiving comes around and I remember just how special turkey meat can be. But you don't have to wait until you make the entire bird to enjoy this deeper flavored meat. Turkey thighs, legs and wings are very affordable now and can substitute for chicken in so many dishes. Dark turkey meat can rock those herbs and flavorings better than any chicken thigh, I'll tell you what.

Now I'd never do a boxed stuffing on the official day but on a week night, revved up with your own goodies, it's good to go yo. Let's just say this little helper is welcome anytime.
Baked turkey thighs, semi-homemade pork sausage stuffing and mustard greens.

Gobble gobble THIS!

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