Sunday, May 12, 2024

Cause You're My Sweet Thing

It is shocking that I don't make pancakes and also that more than half of my maple syrup is gone despite that fact.  Could there be a recipe for making pancakes for one and would it be worth the effort?  Turns out the answer is yes and yes!  Also, if you're like me and prefer medium-sized pancakes, this recipe is actually great for two or better yet, the residual stored for the following day to have ready made batter!   I added a ton of fresh blueberries.  What a treat!  My mate is not a sweet eater but I crave treats from time to time.  In order not to have them around, recipes like these are super helpful.   
Pancakes for one recipe from One Dish Kitchen

Sunday, May 5, 2024

How It Was a Long Time Ago

This is my version of the NYTimes Cooking Sheet Pan Italian Sub. I recently discussed with a friend that  one should always make a recipe properly before changing it.  Although I wholeheartedly agree with this, I never follow my own advice.  Here I have exchanged cottage cheese for Ricotta and instead of a lovely Italian roll, I used toasted grain bread, served it with chips and green apple slices.  You almost couldn't ruin this because it's so good. 
 Even though the roasted salami slices are heavenly, I suppose you could do mushrooms instead and make it vegetarian or artichoke hearts, even better. No one should miss out on the soft, mellowed but vinegary peppers and who doesn't love roasted chickpeas?  Anyone? 

And by the way, welcome back cottage cheese to my life and the world!  I heard two friends boasting of its wonderment last week, and remembered how much I too, loved it as a child, you know, when it used to be a diet food or like here, substituted for ricotta in lasagna.

Thursday, May 2, 2024

You Hit the Spot, Like A Balmy Breeze on a Night in May

This New York Times recipe hit my G-spot.  It was everything my gut loves and on a sheet pan no less!  
My only two substitutes were purple cabbage for radicchio and cottage cheese for ricotta (the next day in a sandwich).  The pasty garlic oregano in the dressing was key, and dressing before roasting made this burst with vibrant flavor. It was every bit as good as imagined.  I served it with hummus on toast (can't take the Midwest out of a girl!).  First of all, who knew Salami and pepperoncini peppers could roast up so nicely?!