Saturday, April 25, 2020

Got a Monkey On My Back

Monkey Bars
Here's something dangerous that's happening; craving desert.  I've heard others complaining of this new phenomena, the desire for a little something sweet at the end of the night.  Actually, we're all craving a lot of things, most of them bad for us but they feel oh-so-right during this topsy turvy world.  We need vices or some of us might go off the rails on a crazy train. 

My logic is that we need to allow ourselves these small depravities, as long as no one is being hurt, or the ol' what they don't know won't kill 'em applies. These low-ish calorie banana bars are a great and easy way to get your sugar fix.  I don't suggest starting the tradition of adding sweets after all meals, but we are in war times.

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