Tuesday, April 21, 2020

I'm in Pieces, Bits and Pieces

Coronavirus Cooking Tips
Save all of those bits and pieces!  Especially now that you're cooking every day.  You'll have so many opportunities to use all your foods scraps in future dishes. For example as I did today with this brunch.  I had just a small amount of guacamole left over from last night's burgers, but just enough to spread on two avocado toasts.   I also souped up a can of Amy's Organic Chicken Noodle with a small portion of leftover cooked greens that wasn't enough for much on it's own but provided a real bonus here.  I saved a 1/4 piece of chicken breast and shredded it in, along with some extra stock and soy sauce, to bring this broth to life.  Starting with a canned product can be a helpful starter if you have some energy to care, but not that much.  This is the type of meal for you!

Dinner with another time saver idea to bake off the extra breast in the package for a chicken salad the next day. I seasoned and stuffed the breasts with basil, mozzarella and tomatoes.  Super juicy and tender, this is a nice clean taste if you're not quite sure yet about food coming off the coronavirus nausea train.  Braised purple cabbage wedge that can be baked on same sheet pan alongside, just start 20 minutes before the chicken.  

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