Tuesday, April 28, 2020

There's a Place for Us

Want a bunch of meal opportunities?  Slow roast a pork shoulder at night while you're sleeping!
Homemade Roasted Hot Sauce
Pork & Rice bowl 
 I like variety and bowls.  Rice, beans, lettuce, pork and hot sauce to make us strong like bull.

Lilac Bushes
Brooklyn is its own Botanical Gardens in spring.  Many of the neighborhoods have the trees we flock to see in the park.  And it's all free!   However, walking around right now post COVID, I have the constitution of about an 87 year old.  I'm moving faster but when someone comes up behind me quickly like the hundreds of runners do on the street right now, I feel fairly vulnerable, crackable.  If I fell right now, my body might just break apart like a Nature Valley granola bar.  I've had a few missteps taking the curbs, misjudging distances, still walking more wonky then I'd like.Corona screwed with so much of my equipment.  Reactions times are a little off.  It's as if my knees aren't talking to my leg muscles or operating on a 7 second delay. I'm unsure if it's all gonna click back to normal but I'm counting on it. Again, can't imagine how hard this would be for someone compromised.  I've always been sensitive to the old folks in the city, walking to get groceries hunched over, wondered how they must feel so unguarded.  I had a peak into that world today while walking and please, no thank you!  At least for 30 years or so, God please if you're listening.
Graham Home for Old Ladies

Nigella Lawson's Slow Roasted Pork Shoulder

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