Tuesday, April 14, 2020

I'm Gonna Tell the World, You're A Dirty Little Girl

Baked Chicken Breast, Chickpeas and Spinach
I didn't get a picture but I did get a great idea. More Coronavirus cooking tips.  A package of chicken breasts baked off all at once but each spiced differently for variety, time saving and shit giving.  I rubbed two with a curry powder mix, another with oregano, garlic, onion powder and red pepper flakes and yet another two with a ranch dressing mix.  But you could stuff them with feta and spinach, broccoli and cheddar, basil and tomato, so many options!
This is probably my favorite way to do breasts:
First brine for 15 minutes in warm salted water
Rinse, pat dry and then season
Bake at 475 for 18 minutes or to 165 temperature read.  
Done. Juicy.  Perfect every time.
As if we don't all have enough to worry about I've been getting a wide variety of scam emails.  The most interesting, a week of the same draft from different people.  They claim they have my password, a valid one mind you, that I've used in the past for a couple of different sites.  They go on to say I'm a dirty bird that has visited their porn site. While I was there they logged in and used my computer camera to capture footage of me, 'watching' porn.   Not only that but they are going to forward that little video gem to my entire contact list within a week if I do not send them $900 by a certain day!  What a brilliant idea, for a scam I mean.  Certainly this is the only one that gave me pause. That instills just enough fear or it would but who's dumb enough to log into porn sites?  But any site taking control of your video camera is a real possibility, you know because we do allow really stupid sites to have access, like E greeting cards, maybe my little stint with Jib Jab years ago, or when everyone was seeing how they'd look as an old person.  And now that everyone is using these sites to communicate and visit family during this Coronavirus we're more susceptible.  Are we sure those sites are secure enough not to be hacked and used in this way?  Most of the time they'd just get hours of an unflattering face shot but still, it's privacy that no one should be stealing. I couldn't think of anything more humiliating and funny at the same time.  
Still, I'll feel much better when the threat date has passed.

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