Monday, April 6, 2020

You Know You Can't Hold Me Forever

Burstyn, Friedkin on painful scene in 'The Exorcist'
Like a scene from the Exorcist
Yesterday feeling more energetic and optimistic, thinking I might be on the upswing of this virus thing, we decided to go for a walk.  I had to cut it short after only a couple of blocks because I got super winded.  I came home and laid down but my body was not settling in. It felt distressed and the next hour was something out of a movie, including full body muscle spasms and intense shaking. P watched in horror as my upper thighs rippled as though I might give birth to an alien being.  I screamed and writhed in pain until is stopped.  It all passed but may have set me back some days yet again on the wellness train.  In speaking with coworkers and friends, we share some common characteristics that the media is not offering, for example this thing is very sporadic.  There are changing symptoms, like fevers and no cough or cough and no fever, body aches that one day are extreme but not the next.  Some nights I'll feel a bad sore throat coming but it doesn't manifest, today my eyes are super sore.  Some of us have been fighting this thing for well beyond the 14 days which takes a toll.  It's good to share what you know, which is very little but it might help as this floods through other communities.  Most of us will stay home to get well but much of the information online is for extreme cases.  The 'mild' version is not all that mellow.  You feel the daily fight at a level you don't feel with the regular flu.
Turkey Burgers with homemade fries and braised cabbage
We've been sick but it's been spread out and manageable.  Finally I felt like I was coming out of it so it's disappointing.  But many people are dealing with much worse and that's what is real.

It's a little hard to know what is normal right now, best not to ponder.  Taking everything slow, I took about 2 hours to make dinner at a turtle's pace.  I made what I'm calling Lite french fries.  After baking fries for years and loving them but wanting the full on crunch of a thin fry, I lightly fried these in oil for about 5 minutes and then put them in the oven to replace the second fry to crisp up.  So good and they didn't taste one bit oily.
I worked P's last nerves with my little episode today so I made him Lean turkey burgers with a Sriracha-Mayo-onion-ketchup topping sided with sauteed purple cabbage with Pear Balsamic Vinegar.

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