Monday, May 13, 2019

Old Man Take A Look at My Life, I'm A Lot Like You

I enjoyed a take-out Steak & Corn salad from Habana To Go and was excited that I had my own homemade hot sauce to eat with it, along with some of their guacamole and chips.  I know what it takes to put a meal together even if it's work I love, it's still work.  So when I begin a meal like this where I made little to no effort, endorphins and serotonin shoot out like fireworks.  Foodies will know this feeling.
And I was super happy to receive a pic from my niece of my foodie pops enjoying a nice outdoor lunch in Arizona where he had his peppers that he always eats fresh with his meal.  My dad's strong appetite has always been to me a symbol of his love of life and seeing him take on those raw jalapenos at 96 is such a testament to his strong will.  He is definitely no saint but seeing him tackle a full plate does fill my heart with love for him.
And earlier that day at work the staff cafeteria served these surprisingly cute spinach stuffed ravioli in cream sauce.  I added the vegetables to make it a Primavera.  Even though white pasta, cream and ricotta are all off limits I figured it couldn't hurt to partake in just a few.  Foodies know, when you get a culinary opportunity you should always strike while the oven is hot!

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