Sunday, May 5, 2019

What Have I Got To Do To Make You Love Me?

Cinco de Mayo after work Nacho Bar
I felt that I single-handedly held up Cinco de Mayo in New York this year.   No festivities in my path at all.  Usually they put up sombreros in the staff cafeteria and do a very Brooklyn version of a taco bar, including sweet tasting weird beef chunks, jarred salsa and a sour cream avocado thing they call guacamole and to be honest, I usually love all of it.  What's not to love about food especially when someone is trying to be festive.  I love a good food effort, even if it's way off.   Because someone thought about it and tried to make it special. To me that's pretty cool.
I didn't have much time either after I raced home but wanted to feel some celebration in my stomach, so I whipped up some guacamole and some fresh tomatillo salsa.  With my already made tomato hot sauce I put out a Nacho Bar spread.  One platter was just cheese and jalapenos and the other was with seasoned ground beef.  The idea was to take a few nachos to your plate and add whatever condiments you desired.  It was missing a fresh Pico de gallo but I didn't have the goods.
Nachos are like pizza, everyone has their favorite ways of eating them.  Minimalist or loaded.  I like both.  P doesn't like anything to make his chip soggy, so I omitted the beans even though I would have loved a side of sauced up mashed pinto beans with cheese.

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