Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Silence is Golden, Golden

I like to take walks through the park early in the mornings on days off.  I take them at a fast pace but don't like to think of it as working out.  I have to trick myself to get out there, so I take a small purse as if I'm just taking a casual stroll.  I end up looking like I'm in a big hurry to get somewhere.  I walk a few rounds across the park and then take a couple quick hikes up the stairs, which is not easy but then again, it's hardly a real work out.  It's relaxed and enjoyable.  I like to get the exercise but also take the time to chill the fuck out because I always feel super stressed.  I like to look at all the different trees and birds, but mostly I try to just be with my thoughts and stay as isolated as I can in a public place.   If I didn't have to work I could easily go full days without talking, which would come very naturally to me.  I love finding quiet places where I can soak up whatever that fuel is that I need so much before I enter the world again.

Flowers doing what was needed to get at that sun.
I could also go a couple of days without meat each week which I am slowly trying.  This oven roasted cauliflower steak was good and beefy with lemon-ed up tomatoes and capers with parsley, a little sprinkle of olive oil.  The cheap thin pork chop did not disappoint either though.  I would need a rice or second side to enjoy this without meat.

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