Monday, May 20, 2019

Someday We'll Find It, The Rainbow Connection

Stuffed peppers are one of those things that never sound that exciting but when you eat them you are filled with all kinds of huggy feels. Baked things with cheese melted on top induce happiness and then you add crunchy bread crumbs.  Well you got yourself a warm little bundle that you cut into and unwrap even more surprises and flavors with the ground turkey, tomatoes, rice, parsley.  It all comes back to you. 

We are seeing more and more rainbows these days, full spectrum and doubles.  This is one from my sis in Colorado.  Gorgeous!  Look how it's in front of that tree.  She sent this and it wasn't until weeks later that I noticed that more and more people were sharing pics of these brilliant sites.  Many folks reminded us that we never saw them as a child.  You would be so happy to see 1/2 of one and would never see the bottom because that's where the pot of gold should be.  Also folks are seeing regular clouds with rainbow colors and sun rays. 

I had been obsessing on these Paulownia trees.  My friend tried to tell me about them last year.  She gave me a small branch with their unique seed pods as she was explaining all about them but because I'm an ass I'm halfway listening thinking yeah, yeah, whatever old lady, which is weird because I do love trees and I like my friend.  See, these are the reflections that show my bad side. 
Then this year I kept seeing them growing all over and tried to find the name. They have a beautiful scent and that was what stopped me on my bike after smelling in the air so strong.  Turns out they are invasive and grow rapidly along waterfronts.  Case in point, the Gowanus Canal, another favorite place of mine.  I opened my eyes and saw them growing all along the water.  In fact, there is even a sign I never noticed right by the bridge.  Funny how things open up to you when you're ready to see them.

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