Saturday, May 4, 2019

I Find The Things That You Do, Will Make Me Feel Alright

P worked a 12 hour shift on the sixth work day of his week.  That is tough.  At this point in these jobs, you would hope to only do one or two of those at the most. Unless it's for your own cause or you love it, there is no reason to give that much of your own time to a company.  So I made him a huge T-Bone steak as a sort of 'Gosh, I'm really sorry you had to do that, here's a big piece of meat'.  It's cave man level communication but it works.  Do unto others I say.
I had a rice bowl with Pico de Gallo and salsa earlier.  Reminded me of how eating lighter really helps the whole day.  I love food so much sometimes though, it's like loving on puppies or kittens.  Hard to contain myself but I'm still recovering from the heavy vacation meals.  And the truth is unless you're really exerting lots of energy, you don't need all that much.  But as I watched P tear into that giant steak I was shocked that he didn't offer me one bite!

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