Wednesday, May 1, 2019

If You Change Your Mind, I'm the First in Line

 I lead up to Cinco de Mayo with a Tortilla-less Fajita Platter.  The thing is that if the meat is super tasty, you don't miss the torts too much.  I made a spicy black bean side and also a red cabbage, apple slaw that goes well with meat.  The yellow peppers and onions were there to wrap up in your bites. This was a solid effort.  Meat is not my forte, so tackling that piece of intimidating skirt steak was a challenge.

The other hardship for me was to get my ass into the newish Whole Foods down the block.  I have a number of ridiculous phobias and one is entering new businesses.  I'm not sure where all these hang ups originated but at this point, I just try to find a way around them.  You have to spread compassion to yourself as well as others with concern to oddities.   So my strategy was to walk around the park and neighborhood before casually dropping in.  I could always sack the idea, I told myself but this took the edge off the social anxiety. I had the option to go in only if I felt like it.  And then when I got to the building, I told myself I could just go into the entrance and then turn around if I wanted to.  Etc, etc.
I walked around and took some pictures.  Took two laps around my park.
Before I knew it I was inside Whole Foods roaming the isles daydreaming, almost losing myself to all the new possibilities during those nights when I am not inspired to cook.  They had some deals and the meat was a little cheaper than our neighborhood butchers at the Greene Grape.

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