Monday, May 13, 2019

(S)he Was Working on Something Big

Deconstructed and dragged through Evolution Enchilada Burgers
Sounds like I'm in my lab in a white coat with smoking beakers and it does feel like that sometimes.
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At restaurants, forget the tacos. I love Beef and Cheese Enchilada platters with beans on the side.  If you're cutting the carbs down this is a nice substitute using store bought Polenta sliced and toasted on a hot pan, as the buns.  You can even make the burgers to fit.  I got lazy and put on top.  I made beef and black bean patties with enchilada sauce and jack and cheddar cheese piled on a heaping mound of iceberg lettuce, onions and tomatoes.
You don't even need salad dressing, just salt and pepper and a squeeze of lime.

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