Monday, May 6, 2019

You Allow Too Much to Go By, And That Won't Do

I love the first part of days off when I'm drinking my coffee and have not yet squandered the entire day on daydreaming or anxious worrying. Before the end of my one cup of allotted coffee, all the possibilities still exist and I could accomplish just about anything.  I probably won't, but in another universe, I could.  My niece told me how she volunteers at a senior facility, something I always dreamed of doing and know it would bring so much joy but I am very selfish with my off time right now.  I feel the vital need to replenish my soul from the customer drain at work when I do get time alone.  Sometimes I feel so incapable of performing even one more task that I shut down.  It takes much out of a person to service the public, especially in a time when people are not very cool.  It's that and what I sell is a stressful purchase, in a maddening environment.  Also I am at a point in my life where I'm not taking any crap from anyone, no matter how you identify yourself.  I'm grouping people into two groups only, nice or mean.  I can't imagine taking those precious days off and giving the small amount of time that I treasure away right now.  I hope one day I might, that I won't be so tapped out emotionally after a work week that I could give myself the gift of someone's thoughts and wisdom.
I made successfully moist fried pork out of thin cut chops, which is harder to do.  You're so scared of under cooking pork but it really doesn't take long.  So the easiest fix for the paranoid is to flash brown them on both sides before sticking them in the oven.  This way, they definitely cook through but stay tender.
I made a cooked cole slaw in the wok, thin strips of cabbage, red onion and apple with garlic and balsamic vinegar.  Really good together.  On the side I made a few apple slices in the grill pan with some butter and pan drippings.

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