Friday, May 3, 2019

Why Worry When It's Warm Over Here?

I struggle so much with alternate universes.  On one hand the mundane weekday is horrible and taxing but also extremely perfect and satisfying.  Take today, a day off.  It's going to thunderstorm (Tues, 5/28), I have the ability to write in the morning, to relax with a cup of coffee in bed with Mona the cat.  I have a smattering of chores to do, like prepare the laundry for pick up, a little on-line shopping, or I could work on our movie project.  What could be a better day, really?  And I agree, yet I battle reality. Often times unidentified anxiety creeps into my brain and gut that tricks me into thinking I'm having a shit day.  How can I choose to live in the more joyful version instead of bringing all the static in?
Since my blog is basically my colostomy bag now, a place to divert my shit, I like to work out my problems here.  So when I ask, I'm really asking the universe.  And by the way universe if you are listening, I've tried an awful lot already.
If you're careful, you can separate iceberg lettuce into giant Tostada bowls and I did that here.  Filled them with chicken, beans, fresh green apple relish and shredded cheese.  At the end you can eat the bowl.  The perfect vessel.
I'm pretty sure life if pretty great right now, even though most of my days I am not able to acknowledge it or let it be so. 

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