Tuesday, April 30, 2019

If That Ain't Love Then Tell Me What Is, Uh Huh, Uh Huh

Chicken Leek Soup - Chopped: Home Edition
So during our road trip one night we did a Chopped marathon because it was a little cold and rainy but the room was so cool, facing a river out back it was cool to spend time in it.

  So I became addicted to this great show again.  When we got back, I also got my food groove back a little and found my love again.  We did a speed round after work.  It only lasted two times before I got bored but this was fun.  In my basket:  Old mushrooms, boneless chicken thighs and leeks.  I was able to use potatoes from my pantry and the key was cutting them into Campbell's sized chunks so they'd cook in time.  The leeks were sauteed with celery & mushrooms before adding the chicken stock and potatoes.  I cooked the seasoned small cut up chicken pieces separately and added them in last minute to make sure they were done.  I was disqualified because I went over 5 minutes in time.  But we don't eat desert so no need to go onto the next round.

Who needs the Botanical gardens either when you can wander and find all the trees blooming even in the Red Hook housing where apple blossoms were full on white, whereas last year the same trees were filled with tiny red flowers.  

The Eastern Redbud was in bloom all the way from Brooklyn to Kentucky.

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