Thursday, April 11, 2019

You're Throwing Stones, To Hide Your Hands

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At this point I guess you'd say I am officially obsessing over the fallout from the Leaving Neverland documentary. I simply can't leave it alone.  I can't stop speaking out about all the injustices and infringements to our social structure.  And people seem just fine with all of these horrible breaches, letting it all just breakdown.  I feel like I'm going crazy. I'm exhausted considering any possibility that any of this is true at this point.  Even though most of the news this week helps to disprove at least key facts in the boys' stories, nothing about this thing is settling.  After I dismissed almost all of the two's accusations this week I made time for a couple of my own concerns.  For example even though the list of kids that could have come out against him still have not I couldn't help but notice that many of them are pretty messed up in the head looking.  Makes me wonder. Could be a coincidence, it is Hollywood.  Does give me pause though.  But mainly as the smoke clears a bit, it's still hard to sit with all the ugliness that just took place. It shines on all these new weaknesses to actual predators, like companies and money seekers when people stop thinking for themselves. It shows the dangers of buying in to the approved line of thinking.  It is a dangerous time and much is vulnerable. I feel compelled to spend more time with the cause if only to keep myself clear headed.  The fiasco hasn't picked up steam but things are still happening on a weekly basis.  The gymnast that took his music out of her routine this week for one.  I thought her excuse was well put but smelled of a crafty publicist doing damage control.  She stated she just wants to spread joy.  Or, is it really that she can't risk standing up for anything because again, people play the game when they are bought and paid for by companies and sponsors?  What should really be banned, in my opinion?  The manipulation of this new genre of emotive documentaries, and I use that term loosely. A category that I will definitely avoid like the plague in the future.  Seeing how smart people have been groomed by this shock mock doc shaped to hit every trigger feel of victimization.  To me what this director has accomplished is a gruesome feat. There is a special place in hell for someone who uses people's genuine concern for a real evil for personal gain. 

But just like in the movie Doubt...sometimes you have to leave the light to fight the dark. Because truth can shine from any direction. And for the record, there is only one truth, people don't get to have their own versions.  Some of us always knew there would be a day when false accusers would surface in an important way and we'd have to use our heads and not our hearts to decipher the facts. Because it's a nice campaign for a movement where not enough women are believed to say always believe the woman but you can't actually apply this in every case, that would be wrong. C'mon man, are we really cool with abandoning the law?  I always thought this would be an actress against a director and not two men against the Michael Jackson Estate but here we are at this day.  And it is a big deal.  We don't crucify a dead man in this country without a trial.  Do we?  And in defense of all the people Mr Reed is comparing to the Islamic State of Fandom (whoa!), what he didn't realize was that music fans of MJ, especially since he had a very long career, know quite a lot about the artist and the leeches that were around him. Apparently much more so then Reed did.  So when the wafts of bullshit started blowing, we were all quick to call out who dealt it.  Had he taken the time to do so, he would have been prepared for the large amounts of information that is readily available and the army of informed good people that have not lost their ability to think for themselves.  My primary beef is with Dan Reed and I'm sniffing out his bowl of crap like Meryl Streep so hard right now. 
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This mushroom slice from Lean Crust Pizza next door was and is always a treasure, just like the legacy of amazing music from Michael Jackson.  The Parmesan with the mushrooms and no tomato sauce gives it this Truffle oil taste that is gold. Paired with a baby spinach salad with walnuts, mushrooms and a light dressing, a perfect late night dinner.  I just wish I would have stopped there and not eaten the 3 additional slices that didn't make the photo. 
....and as if from the heaven's this child's version MJ's Bad is saving me this week

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