Sunday, March 31, 2019

There Should Be a Law Against You Comin' Round

P cooked this dinner.  Chicken tenders and a butter lettuce salad.  It took some effort for me to allow him to make a whole dinner and it took him years to want to.  But what a treat.  Not sure how certain things became laws in this house.  I always made dinner.  It just happened that way.  Then this year he finally got in that kitchen and made some magic of his own.  He likes experimenting with meats. I've had a bout of chronic migraines so it was great timing.  I've been wrestling with the backlash of the Leaving Neverland documentary.  He's been fighting some violations of his own at work. And it's really screwing with both of us.   I'm wondering, are we really such soldiers of justice that it's interfering with our downtime?
P works in an ultra liberal school and his assistant has been ingesting much abusive behavior from one of the parents, not even an employee of the building.  She's been bullying him and waving her tuition payments like a staff.  And because this is one of his staff, P must take steps to protect him.  It has gone to the board and because of race, the matter was handled with serious consideration.  And in a month where the school had an event to end racism or some ridiculous notion and also held harassment classes, rights were fresh on the brain. They have one African American employee and had a potential case of discrimination.  It's all so laughable but unfortunately also a real situation. Regardless of it's irony, P spent a few days super stressed, taking all of the elements into account and searching for the right way to handle where justice would be served but a huge splash would not have to be made because this place has it's fill of drama just opening the doors.   And he didn't want his employee to suffer any repercussions.  In the end it was sort of out of his control as the company needed to issue an official response immediately following the complaint.  It could only go in his favor because he was on the right side of all the laws but of course they are now both paying a bit on the back end.  No one likes to be wronged.  Especially ones that have never been reprimanded before in their life.
And I'm still twisted out of sorts believing anyone is actually banning Michael Jackson's music based on this ridiculous HBO feature.  And like P, I've lost so many hours fretting and figuring how to fight it.  I have lists of reasons why this is also a major injustice.  It just goes to show you that when introverts get involved and concerned, then it really is wrong because we tend to stay out of most of the world's battles.  I've questioned why it has affected us both so deeply that we've lost days and weeks of our lives.

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