Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Spring Is Here, Why Doesn't My Heart Go Dancing

Spring is finally here but there hasn't been much of a showing yet, although I really do appreciate a slow build.  There's been sun in the last few days though, lots of beautiful new light.  Someone shared a picture of those purple flowers that seem to be the first to ever bloom here.  I haven't seen any yet. 
 It's still winter in my heart but the same as the exterior, I'm seeing small signs of melting. Feeling more hope and joy bursting out at unexpected times.  I made a spring-like Midwestern scramble last night for dinner with sweet onion, zucchini and grape tomatoes, basil and no-nitrate turkey lunch meat.  Reminded me of an Easter basket.
My heart was also warmed yesterday as I was rushing out for my lunch and a much needed restroom break.  I was catching my stride when I was confronted with a small black girl with Down Syndrome peeking out of the Family bathroom.  Her 1/2 inch pony tail tied back with a little pink ribbon. She stuck her head out and said, could you please come here.  As I came closer she whispered that she needed a maxi pad.  Like the Grinch, I immediately became so warmed by her presence, this very sweet, good girl.  I was given responsibility and didn't want to let her down. In a large store sometimes these small things can become very difficult to make happen. Due to the size, the running back and forth is ridiculous.  I asked a few girls before I went to security and thank goodness found a sympathetic gal who was willing to go ask her friends.  Eventually we found one. A side note that struck me funny was that even today, the guard tucked it in her hand for the pass off, like we were dealing drugs.  And instead of me going to her friend directly she asked me to stay back so they wouldn't be embarrassed.  I get that but also it's such a reminder how crazy it is that women bleed, almost shamefully.  I bet if it were men, we'd all be treating them like dying kings while it were going on. I then knocked on the door that I noticed my new friend had not locked and she came peaking out, grabbing it quickly like a little rabbit out of a hole.  A quiet, thank you before closing the door.  And for some reason it just made me feel so human and alive again. 

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