Friday, March 15, 2019

Baby, I'm in the Mood for You

I hate the term date night because it smells of desperation and pathetic attempts to connect.  In reality, sometimes you just go out together and it does feels like a stranger because some effort is made.  But unlike a date, there is no stress.  You can't screw this up, they already love you and have accepted most flaws.    He pays, and you talk to each other differently then you do when you're home.  There are no computers, books, TVs, phones to distract so its sort of surprising how much there is to talk about or how funny you each can be.  And attractive!  It's really good to see your mate in a different light once in awhile and to be seen.  Mainly though a public setting forces you to act awake and be your better self.  To listen and respond. You'd be shocked how 29 years can make a man deaf to the tone of your voice.  Or how many times both of us have talked to the other one when they've had their headphones in and didn't hear.  That's a super depressing modern reality.  It's no one's fault but I think a great remedy is to make a point to tune in once in awhile.  But regardless of all of that, what a treat it is to eat great food and not have to cook or clean up! 

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