Friday, March 22, 2019

The Way You Make Me Feel

Ryan Adams and Michael Jackson have been heavy on the brain this week.  I had no room to even read a story or watch a rebuttal video on R. I believe I can Fly Kelly.  I might have to circle back lest I missed some significant music history there.  But today I feel I'm the one suffering, from some sort of odd fixation on these topics of the moment.  Surely they can't be this important.  I got off the Trump coverage because I was unable to concentrate on my regular life.  Then today I was barely capable of focusing on work. Every conversation turned to one of these two knuckleheads.   I swear they're putting something in the water.
Green Chili and Baked Chicken
The two items in this dinner are as different as the two musicians.  Each achieved relative heights of genius at what they did for a living.  MJ was the king, no contest. In their respective little worlds.  Big fish, little fish.  Possibly one or both were capable of horrendous things.  Normally you wouldn't put any of these foods or people together but they were leftovers from previous nights and like I say, the boys I just can't seem to shake out of my mind.  Speaking of shake, the chicken is a homemade mock Shake n' Bake recipe that I just love. It's so crisp and juicy.  You don't miss all the grease from frying or the mess.  Its just what you'd expect, flour, heavy seasoning, Panko crumbs put in a bag. The chicken first dipped in egg, then dropped in bag and shake it!  Onto the baking sheet.  Life is simple, we just insist on complicating it. 
If you seek you will find all kinds of interesting opinions on YouTube but I like the way this unassuming guy lays out many of my own inner points. 

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