Sunday, July 29, 2012

'Cause I'd Never Want To Make You Change For Me

When we get the opportunity to order delivered Thai food from National, I get all goosey all over. What a treat! What will I order? There are so many choices and so far, all are good! Its so hard not to get the curry because it does not disappoint, ever and it follows the criteria for ordering correctly; Don't order what you could make better yourself. I couldn't, believe me, not even close. Order the most exciting thing to you on the menu, something you couldn't get just anywhere. That's usually the Beef with Green Curry because it is exceptional and it has heat. The light milky lime-green color with all the bamboo shoots, the aroma, the coconuty goodness mixed with the heat of the red chile. Oh its so wonderful.

But its important to step out sometimes and be adventurous. I've loved the Spicy Noodles with Beef. The Pork and Pineapple Fried Rice is way better than it should be and you get basically two full orders. The Beef with Garlic and Basil sauce has something amazing that I can't place, some smoky flavor that I just love.
But no, this time I ordered Pad Thai with Shrimp. Really good and very bold in flavor. A nice big squeeze of lemon over it all, then a good stir to mix in all the crunchy bean sprouts. I have no illusions this is a low-cal dish, however I've seen the calorie counts run from 350 to 900 on-line. Not sure what makes the difference. National's seems lighter than most.
P ALWAYS gets the Beef with Green Curry. He never struggles with the decision. He loves it and isn't the least bit curious to see if there is something else he may love even more. Sometimes I want him to order something different just so I can see if I like it, cover more ground that way. But that's his way and he's happy, so I try to leave him be.

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