Wednesday, July 4, 2012

50 Ways To Leave Your Lover

I had to work on the 4th of July but was to be out in enough time to make a fun dinner spread. I had the best intentions and planned on doing some healthy corn dog along with a newly invented potato salad. But I ran out of steam and into some type of heat wall. Suddenly anything but a cold shower and getting quickly into the horizontal position after that scorching ride home was impossible.

These are the times when one can truly appreciate their mate. P was super cool about me not feeling well and decided to take charge and attempt his mom's famous griddle burgers. Now I should explain it really helped that P was a huge knucklehead the night before and possibly felt he owed me a solid for putting up with his bad behavior. Regardless, it turned out well and now I've forgotten whatever it was he had said or done to get himself in the doghouse.

The only thing I recall is the look and the taste of those drop dead gorgeous burgers and that this day P was cool enough to get in that hot kitchen and make them for us.

In the heat of a meltdown I always tend to go into way-drastic thinking. It usually goes something like this. I quickly plan my exit strategy. Of course I must move out immediately. No one would blame me, with the amount of crap I put up with (is my thinking). I will start a new life! Good, that's settled. Of course I'll need to find an the city...with no move in money...uh. Okay, don't get bogged down in the details...focus on getting away from all this 'abuse'. Wait, what exactly happened? He said something to piss me off? Um..what was it again? Okay, that part if fuzzy but it musta been really horrible otherwise I wouldn't react this way. Am I right? Hmmm...that was it huh? That's what he said? Hmmm..Well, is it possible I over reacted? Or is it possible he's partially right and I'm partially right and it's something we can just talk about and get resolved? No!! He's a horrible, horrible man and I deserve better! New life!...(yawn)...tomorrow.. yeah, tomorrow...after I just sleep awhile and think on it a bit. Gosh, I'm tired. All this arguing makes me so sleepy.

Men can be so insensitive and brash. They say the wrong things when you're all hormonal and freaked to begin with. Even when you warn them! They really do screw up, its not your imagination. And I've never met one who could apologize worth a damn. But for me, you really want to keep around a guy who can make a burger like this.

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