Friday, July 6, 2012

One of a Kind (Love Affair)

Need a fresh idea for ground turkey? How about these Asian Lettuce Wraps with a stimulating sauce that takes it out of the weeknight humdrum and into weekend flavors! A recipe from Melissa D'Arabian. I remember her from that Top Chef competition show and she had some good stuff definitely. I really love this sauce especially. It makes everything come alive. Of course I add more Srirachi sauce because I love that heat.

Aside from loving the flavor and affects of peppers, I also like to bring it into a dish in order to slow down my eating time. If these wraps were completely free of any heat, I could easily eat three within 20 minutes without blinking.

With the spice and more intense components coming into play, you tend to take your time and really taste each bite. You allow everything to take effect and give you that little pop. You also then tend to take a moment before the next bite. This all works together to make it a better eating experience for me. Peppers are my friends with benefits!

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