Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Just Like a Heatwave, It's Tearing Me Apart

Another night of mind numbing temps and simultaneous brain fry. A haboob if you will of heat enveloped me as I walked into my apartment. The cats of course wait until I walk in to drop their stink bombs in the poop box. Their gift to say, welcome home. I can't. I can't cook, it's too painful. Yet I'm so hungry. Okay, okay, I will make something but it has to be super easy. I begrudgingly stretch back on my sweaty clothes and head over to the $10 store. They will have exactly what I need to go brilliantly with this turkey sausage, the only meat in the house.

Okay, so I settle on a refrigerated soba noodle pack for a quick soup that I can drop tiny meatballs into with a container of pre-washed and cut green beans and mushrooms. Excellent choice! However when I get to the soup flavor packet part I find a ginormous amount of sodium packed into this teenie little pouch. Like 2600mgs! Yikes. The Japanese are so healthy looking. How can it even be true?? So instead of the pre-packed instant flavors I opted for a low sodium vegetable bouillon cube which by the way, still has a shit storm of salt, like 870mgs. Best to use the cans if you have to go for a quickie and can't make homemade stock.

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