Sunday, July 8, 2012

Finally, It Happened To Me...

Just like the perfect omelet, getting thinly sliced potatoes cooked to the right consistency has been a hardship. I under-cook them or fry them too crisp. I even had this conversation with my dad when I visited. He also had trouble so I felt better because after my mom, who was the original master, I look to my dad now for food secrets, along with my sisters. Its impossible to know how to cook everything but when you can't do simple stuff, its a bit embarrassing. But that's the funny part. I can't cook most of the simple stuff well..yet. Those dishes can be the hardest.
Anyway, I finally got the potatoes right, in part due to this website, where they give you that one key tip, to lower the heat and cover the pan for ten minutes at the beginning, which is something you're afraid to do with potatoes lest they get all soft and mushy. But since I like starting out raw like the mother in this site, you need to give them time to cook and I believe that's where I had gone astray before.

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