Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hehehehehehehehee, Wipe Out!

I'll admit it, I reward with food. I like to think I have a handle on it. I use that bad reasoning like, 'it's not like I'm 300 lbs. I must not have a problem'. But in my mind's eyes I'm 300 pounds at least by now. Obsession is a word that comes to mind. Fixation is another. I like food okay!? I'm totally consumed by thoughts of it much of my day. Doesn't mean I have to eat it. I'm just thinking about it. Like how I stare at P's bottle of cold Vodka in the freezer all icy and ready to take away my worries. I've never touched it. Okay, I've touched it and rubbed it on my longing cheeks but I've never opened it and drank of it.

And like these new McDonalds spicy chicken bites. I musta seen a dozen adds over a one hour period of time while watching Wipe Out. Yikes, I'm their target audience - the mind-numbed couch creature who thinks watching attention starved hipsters fall like noodles into the water is funny. Okay, its a little funny. Anyway, even if I couldn't myself eat them I prodded P to be sure to stop by and pick some up for himself as a reward. He had to do some soul crushing thing for work that involved going to the courthouse in 100 degree heat. If anyone deserves spicy chicken bites, its P on this day.

Well he didn't heed my advice so in my head, my craving wasn't fulfilled. That's it I had to have spicy chicken bites. Desperate times. So I made some of my own. I put an upscale twist on them, lightly coated with egg, then dipped in seasoned Panko crumbs with chopped rosemary and sage then sauteed until just crispy and golden brown. Served with Edemame and Jasmine rice.

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