Sunday, July 15, 2012

We Can Make It Together

I bought a box of Aunt Jemima Buckwheat Pancake mix and whipped us up a batch of silver dollar pancakes with breakfast. Pancakes! I actually have to stop myself from remembering I have a whole big box of mix, in my pantry, right now, just sitting and waiting. Otherwise how could I stop myself from having them ANYtime? I also have a bottle of pure maple syrup, the good kind, the real stuff. It's like a bottle of Patron or something.

And for dinner that same day I made the best greek salad. I magically had all the fixings. Chick peas, cucumber, dill, lemon, yogurt, chicken, bell pepper, tomato.....

...and for my added flair I cut up and toasted pieces of Arnold's Sandwich Wheat Thin bread with a little olive oil and added the warm pieces to the salad. Opah!

Did you know Tony Orlando was Greek? Well half Greek, half Puerto Rican. He spent his early life here in New York's Hell's Kitchen where I lived for a couple of years myself. I think we watched his variety show when I was little because my folks thought he was Mexican. But I never got him much.

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