Friday, July 27, 2012

All These Places Had Their Moments

I'm off today. Some would say playing hooky. I call it a necessary mental health day. I call it a day that if I don't take time to honor my real self I just might throw myself into traffic and be done with it. Its partially hormonal I won't lie but these days are for the body, mind and soul. Mine in particular. But also everyone that I come in contact with. We all benefit.

I believe that. My boss benefits because most every other day I willingly put on this pathetic yellow striped shirt with someone else's dreams logo'd on it and sell kitchen cabinets. I smile and become genuinely interested in random people's dreary little stories about their renovation projects, something that doesn't actually interest me one bit if I had to be really honest. But they are human beings and I like the interaction and use it to gather up information for my imaginary Master's degree in Human Behavior that I've been working on all my life. Plus its not the worst job I could be doing. I think I've done that job so I know its not the worst.

The cats benefit because otherwise I wouldn't so happily scoop their poop every day and clean up their puke and dried up hairballs off the floor like its a privilege. Which it is by the way. Cats are glorious creatures and give back so much. I'd gladly wipe their ass most days.
P benefits big time because once every couple of months I kinda go nuts and feel like everything has gone to complete shite and my life is meaningless and there is no hope for any one. A day to sit with myself and just be gives me enough refueling to get right back on that lame horse and ride it into my dimly lit future.

I resuscitate my life by listening to music that reminds me who I am. I take pictures, cook and write stories about food and people in order to feel I didn't completely abandon my integrity by turning in my self-esteem in exchange for an hourly wage, a steady paycheck, 401K and health insurance. Did I mention I have vision and dental?
A Chicken Fajitas plate using poached, then stewed and shredded chicken. Chicken can be boring and predictable everyday fare but give it a chance and it can become flavorful and vibrant, surprising even. Please God don't let me end up to be weeknight chicken.

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