Tuesday, July 3, 2012

She's a Lady!

My sister M has been on the brain lately. She's my oldest sister and I thought she was pretty much the shit when I was young. Because she was. She was the first to wear white patten leather boots, false eyelashes, wigs, and the list goes on. She ran to the TV when Tom Jones was on. She brought around gay friends in Fort Wayne, Indiana mind you in the late 60's. She probably sniffed out the only ones in town. She couldn't do anything too strange for me. I was all about her. She even cooked weird. She made something called 'goop' that we all loved that included Fritos. Fritos, just stirred in the mixture as if she didn't have a care in the world. There were rules back then! Fascinating!

I don't think M was crazy but she was just enough out of her mind to make life a lot more fun. I feel that way a lot of the time myself. This dish is my homage to M's goop. I couldn't quite get a proper recipe together in my head this day but needed to make something interesting. I layered flour tortillas in a baking dish, filled the bottom with pinto beans, shredded chicken and my leftover tomatilla sauce. Then I topped with white cheddar, turkey sausage and grape tomatoes. Baked it for 1/2 an hour on 350 just like a good little midwesterner would.

M had fluctuating weight and dated guys with mustaches and sandy brown hair that probably looked handsome sitting at a bar with a cigarette in hand. She knew parapsychologists and gave me a copy of Dianetics that I read from cover to cover. Thank God nothing stuck! She also gave me Chariots of the Gods which blew my skinny little world. So that's where I came from...a spaceship! It all made sense!

M is back in the Fort and doing great, beautiful as ever. Always had the best legs. She had a son that's six foot five, probably the tallest Mexican on record. Anyway, I hope I have some of her appeal, her intrigue. I know this dish was pretty goop-like.

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