Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Left a Good Job in the City

Went to see a good friend in the city. Being the broke-lyn resident that I am, we chose a diner near her. Moonstruck Diner on 2nd. The cool air-conditioned loneliness of the empty booths were exactly what I was looking for. Yeah, in a way it was shameful. You're in Manhattan, there are a million small fun eateries with great inexpensive food. But sometimes you just wanna be. You know? We could order something and stay for hours talking. And we did.

The great thing about good friends and good people in general is that when you see them no matter how long its been since the last time, you pick right up as if you've been communicating in some form all the while.

We used to work together and some of the best times were spent at a diner in midtown where we'd also spend loads of time just chatting and laughing, brooding about the wrongs of the world, cracking on knucklehead coworkers and eating lots of french fries.

Speaking of...this place gave out quadruple portions. God bless them!

On the way home I spaced out on the subway and went past my stop, actually got on the wrong transfer train and ended up at this desolate station. Seemed like I had to go down like 6 flights underground to get to the C train platform where NO one lurked. Just like in the scary movies! Eeeeeks!

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