Thursday, August 16, 2012

Faces Look Ugly When You're Alone

Target is within walking distance from me and for someone living in a city, that's pretty convenient and wonderful. New York City never even had Targets until a few years ago. A girl can get a little lost in there. I love just walking through. Its comforting. And its run well somehow. You don't see that a lot here unless its a high end shop. As a matter of fact that Atlantic Center mall is split into two realities. The Target side is clean, some of the shops don't make as much sense but that should soon change due to the new stadium across the street. The other side is spooky and dark. Feels more nightmarish and dangerous. I saw a man with his very deep hairy dark butt crack fully exposed on that side of the mall. Something I never ever want to see again. Most all of the shops are empty and wrong. And the kiosks in the middle are shiesty rip-offs. Normally I'd want to cross the street bridge to explore Marshalls but the few times there have left me feeling lonely and sad.

Well while within the soothing environment of Target (early morning mind you, late afternoon is like Grand Central Station), I began with a structured list but when I came upon the food aisles I was swept away by the bounty of convenience food. Frozen wonders, jarred pasta sauces of all varieties. But you know I really try to keep away from processed foods. I compromised and allowed myself one indulgence. So I settled for Ortega Taco Shells. Now real taco night is a big deal for me. I take the time to make a great pico, fresh lettuce or cabbage. I play with flavor combinations to create a fiesta sensation in my mouth with every bite. Because tacos are a celebration.

I honestly didn't think just how different a processed taco shell experience would be as opposed to fresh corn tortillas deep fried. I've never actually used them. I love the commercials! But what a let down. P was sweet to break it to me gently. His facial expression while eating them was as if there was a bad smell in the room. They were edible and somewhat enjoyable but you just couldn't get past that salted cardboard element. It's two different worlds. Never again. Mexican shame.

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