Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Think For Yourself

Spoke to my sister M awhile back and remember she talked about making spaghetti squash for her husband that day and I realized that I've heard about it for years but never actually made it for myself. In the food world, this is akin to maybe never listening to the the Meat Puppets or the more popular of the SST bands in the '80s. Its not as big as never hearing Rubber Soul say but its sort of unsaid that if you cook, you should have made spaghetti squash by now. So I marched my uncool lame ass down to PathMark to get me some. I worked up some great chunky marinara sauce with fresh basil and in this stifling heat, cranked up that oven to roast the squash.

Way better than I expected actually. We all know roasting vegetables brings out the best in them and squash is no exception. Food gets popular because it's good, but some of these vegetable dishes are a harder sell because of availability and they're simply not common. Who buys spaghetti squash on any regular basis? I was completely prepared to not get it, (like I still don't get the Meat Puppets, not that I've spent any recent years trying mind you) but I must say I did love Husker Du & Black Flag!

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