Sunday, August 12, 2012

We'll Travel For Miles in Our Saturday Smiles

Saturdays have been a little different this year. In the previous years P and I would wake up early and head off to the beach, take long bike rides, venture to unknown destinations on the subway, walk forever and take pictures of new neighborhoods, stuff like that. This year was oppressively hot. Saturday mornings have been spent relaxing on the bed with coffee and home made breakfasts. We always get out but its been short jaunts to Target or Walgreen's or the most a walk around the park. No big whoops in other words. I'm not sure to blame it on the heat or to think its just getting a little older. I'd hate to think we're going to stop doing fun things. Instead maybe its a need to change the entire status quo and stir up our universe a little. We need a true change. Something that is really going to have impact on our everyday lives. Not just a romp around the borough. I like to think that this summer was spent plotting and reconnoitering in our minds eye what that change could look like.

Another omelet this morning, some of the same ingredients; feta, tomato, spinach and turkey kielbasa. This time though, it came out texturally superb.

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