Thursday, August 2, 2012

Tryin' To Get That Feeling Again

A midwestern salad tonight. Not necessarily low in calories and too much Italian dressing, lots of crunchy and pickley things. That somehow reminds me of Indiana. I miss the Midwest lately. I miss my hometown. I miss the crickets and the lightning bugs. I miss the drive-up Dairy Queens and the drive-in movie theaters. I miss listening to the radio on the way to the lake. I miss the head shops where you could pick up a one-hitter and also a sweet blouse and matching earrings. I miss the easiness of living. But the time that I'm missing no longer exists. The mom and pop root beer stand is gone. The friends out blowin' one in the park are married with grown kids. The restaurants are all shut down that I loved. There would be no one there to go with to them if they were. I miss all of it today.

I can't go back. I can't bring the past into the present. My only way back today is via a salad. But just because its ingredients are not super chic, it still has great familiar flavor combos. Cool and refreshing! Hard salami, carrots, tomatoes, zucchini, cucumber, red onions on iceberg lettuce and lots of Saltine Crackers.

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