Monday, April 23, 2012

Pretty On the Inside

After the pizza weakness, we went directly to a healthy light meal the next night. You feel you need a cleansing after a meal like that.

I did a pretty spring green dish in the wok with chopped Napa cabbage, canned white great northern beans, steamed edemame and shredded chicken. It was pretty to look at and healthy to eat.

Salt and lots of black pepper was all it really needed for seasoning.

For a little kick we added a nice dollop of Sriracha sauce, that nice red garlic chile sauce with the rooster on the bottle. Don't have a bottle in your fridge right now? This is a gotta have it item. It tastes good on everything similar to Frank's or Tabasco sauce but better because its more bold in flavor with the garlic. Get it or regret it.

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