Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Take it Easy Baby, Make it Last All Night

Had this ham that I purchased for Easter and froze for my big food festival during Big Ed's visit from Indiana but I put the skids on that plan when no one was even eating my roast pork. Path Mark will make you crazy with their jacked up prices and then out of the blue, this huge Smithfield smoked ham for under $10. I couldn't NOT get it.
I thawed it in the fridge and then had to make on the second day so I quickly put a Cajun rub on it with some lemons and was willing to be done with it. Then I figured I'd slow roast this son of a bitch too, just to see if you can. Of course I quickly found that millions of other people have already thought of this thanks to the innernets. Matter of fact this website keeps popping up, I've used them for quick, easy to find answers on food recently. They had a simple recipe. I put pineapples and brown sugar along with the others and then foil covered it. 225 all night long.
Wha?!! It was tender like your first love. This thing was BBQ and corned beef and glazed ham and all the smokey goodness of all your meat fantasies!
Huge hit. Huge! We're eating all of this if it kills us. But I will freeze a bunch too.

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