Saturday, April 14, 2012

Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

This was one of those first Saturdays in spring when the sun started shining down on things that have been in the dark all winter. Not this winter of course, it was really nice but I'm talking generally.
The streets become so festive with all the restaurants offering dining el fresco.
The Flea Market is in full swing and the food is fast, hot and ready. Sardine sandwich anyone?
People seem friendlier but that's just because they are happy to be out. Don't get it confused with happy to see 'you' per say.
Even P's beer store seemed sun-drenched, healthy and communal.
Trees and flowers are blossoming in colors that seem unnatural.
On every main street there are small restaurants that have character and are the best place to have brunch.
But we had the most fabulous smoked baked ham waiting for us. So I just had to make ham and eggs, fried potatoes with toast and coffee and orange juice.
I mean its all great to see what you could be doing if you wanted to spend a little and treat yourself.
But sometimes the best place to be is in your own little Brooklyn apartment. Move it over cat!

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