Thursday, April 12, 2012

That's How Much I Feel

Been down to Dekalb Market yet? We're suckers for those salvaged storage containers. In fact, we wouldn't mind making one our home someday. They did this space up nice and cute with these containers used as shops and restaurants. It smells of women and modern hippies. People that use the word local, sustainable and have no tolerance for gluten.

God love 'em. I love 'em. It's a good thing.

So why am I feeling so shmarmy about it?
We live within a stone's throw and we stumbled upon this place in the winter when it was closed down. We really fell in love with it. They have concerts here and support local entrepreneurs. They do the right thing. It's bike friendly, it's in Brooklyn. What's not to love?
So why did I leave with a smirk today? We walked through in the morning after eating a huge breakfast so unfortunately we weren't hungry. It was still cold and folks were just opening. Not a lot of traffic so we were able to really get the full view. It gets packed.
The place is artistic and fun, inviting and interesting.
Why am I still sneering? I don't know. And this is probably just me or some new flaw in my personality but sometimes these types of places seem a bit, dare I say it?... precious - not the real deal but a really good impression of it. They only get their cheese from here, only use breads from there...Oh, Bite Me! I don't buy it for some reason. If you're gonna be local, than be cheap. Don't have hoity-toity nonsense that nobody needs with cutesy names.

Oh Lord...I've turned into my Aunt Connie!

Please forgive me, I'm obviously BWB, blogging while bitter. It's a lovely market and I sincerely wish them well.

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