Monday, April 2, 2012

Pretty Baby Please Don't Go

Sometimes I feel that my only true friends here in town, the people that really understand me are the pizza delivery guys, or the guy that does my laundry or the man that puts all that attention to my Chinese take out order at the #1 Chinese Restaurant here on Fulton. Sometimes imaginary relationships are the best ones.
I really enjoy eating Chinese take out in those little white boxes just like they do in the movies but lately they're serving the main dish in the foil containers, so we transfer them to a plate. You see I get the extra thrill of doing things I've seen in movies. That's been with me from the get go. I have a deep nostalgia for the late 60s and 70s. After I saw the movie Paper Moon when I was about 10 with Tatum O'Neal I kept all my things in a cigar box and smoked cigarettes in my brothers room with a white muscle shirt on. I would smoke in there because he had the bed most resembling the ones in the movie and because my brother had just come out of the Marines, his bed was always made. It was deeply satisfying to me to recreate not only the scenes in movies but to try to 'be' the character. I'm not talking about acting, I'm talking transforming into the actual character for my pleasure alone. I still long for a friend like Ethel on I Love Lucy that lives next door and is funny and always available. Music was the main builder of my tweens, teens and adulthood but movies and tv definitely formed my youth. I felt more close to Carol Burnett than I would to a favorite aunt. Doris Day in her brilliant technicolor allowed me to live in a clean, bright, colorful world with matching shoes.

It's not a huge deal if the white containers go away in the big picture but its still a little sad for me. By the way the Pepper Steak was perfection!

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