Saturday, April 21, 2012

Won't You Smile Awhile For Me

Brunch in Clinton Hill with our friend J. We didn't know but it seems brunch has become a thing out here. There are so many great spots all over Brooklyn to have brunch and there are competing menu deals to make it fun, including drinks.

My friend M at work spoke to me about an all you can drink fixed price brunch on 5th Avenue. When I asked how many drinks can someone drink at noon, she said her highest was 8. That's not brunch, that's a bender. She's a wreck.

Anyway we went to Maggie Brown where the service was so pleasant. We had an especially sweet waitress and host. We sat outside and enjoyed our first al fresco dining experience of the year. I love these little backyard patios because it's all sort of Alice in Wonderland feeling back there. Apartments on all sides and up the side walls so you can peak at the back end of what you never see of these blocks. But in that little patio they create a tiny world for you to sit back, enjoy the sun and actually relax as though the hustle bustle of the sidewalks in front is not happening.

J ordered the corned beef hash and eggs. It came with a little homemade biscuit and some interesting looking flavored butter or jam, I forgot to ask. But a huge portion and from what I heard, pretty tasty.

For what reason I can't remember but me and P stuck to cheeseburgers and fries instead of being adventurous and trying one of the great brunch options. But the burgers were great and we loved them. I'd love to go again.

Good friendly service is worth so much and in a town where smiles are an anomaly, I find myself craving a friendly face just as much as a good egg.

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