Friday, April 27, 2012

If You're Ever in a Jam, Here I Am

I've gushed and gushed but now here I go, gushing some more. I love, love, love my pizza stone. It's my little buddy in the kitchen.

When I don't know what to make but just want something nutritious but lots of flavor, I throw it all on my pizza stone and wait 20 minutes for amazing.

The same way I'm sure I man feels about his grill if you're lucky enough to live where you have a slice of yard. Here in the city though, you have to be creative. My pizza stone roasts, grills, chars and gives my foods that rustic tastes that you normally could not accomplish indoors. It's like the power booster for my little barbie oven to achieve the heat it normally can not accomplish.

Chicken sausage with asparagus, potatoes, onions and tomatoes over mixed greens. The sweetness and juiciness of those roasted tomatoes is heaven on earth. Eating fresh produce roasted at its peak with nothing but its true flavor, a little salt takes you to church so to speak. Amen!

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