Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Here Comes the Sun(ga)

Don't ask me from where but in my bedroom window floats in the most delicious smells each night of all kinds of foods. We should smell barbecue, pizza or Central American food because those are the closest restaurants. But instead we sometimes smell curries. And it leaves you with the deepest cravings for great Indian food. Tonight despite my fear of attempting ethnic foods, I got right in that kitchen and proceeded to make a super solid effort at an unnamed curry dish just based off the aromas.
The colors were all so purrrdy, almost guiding my hands to include the red tomatoes and the bright green spinach to the pork and chick peas. Lots of chili oil and shaky shakes of tumeric, curry powder, garlic and cumin until my eyes said 'time to plate'!
A squirty squirt of lemon and some Jasmine rice to soak up some of that deeee-licious sauce.

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